CLC Grand Prix – Morgan and Jacob take wins!

Colin Lewis Cycles Grand Prix

A race report by U14 rider, Jacob Thomas.

The Colin Lewis Cycles Grand Prix on Saturday was my first race in MDCC kit. It was dry and sunny with only a light wind. A good day for a race.

The Under 14s lined up with the Under 16s, so I was expecting it to go off fast. I had a good start and was around fourth wheel going into the first bend. The pace was high from the start. Not too hard, but enough to thin out the main group to around 15 riders.

Every lap or so somebody would try to get away from the group or just go to the front to lift the pace. However, they were always brought back by the bunch. Even the U16s weren’t allowed to get a gap. This is how the race went on for quite a while, speeding up and stretching out into a line as the attackers jumped off the front, then slowing down again as the race came back together.

My teammate Reuben was one of the riders who tried to go off the front. Riders from Taw Velo, Minehead and North Devon also had goes. Even I had a few tries but nothing would stick.

With about three laps to go, Morgan from MDCC and the other U16s finally managed to get a gap while Reuben rode tempo at the front to put off the chase.

After that everyone knew it was going to be a bunch sprint so nobody wanted to commit to another attack.

On the last lap I moved towards the back of the bunch so I could see what was going on. On the back straight a Minehead rider attacked, which stretched out the group so I started to moved to the front.

At the final hairpin I was in about fifth wheel and a Worx rider came sprinting past me on the left. I got on his wheel and used him to move forward. I started my sprint just before the last bend when I was in line with a North Devon rider who was already sprinting. I got the inside line around the corner and continued my sprint to the line. I managed to hold off the North Devon rider and win by a couple of bike lengths.

It was a tough race and everyone was really strong so I’m pleased with my result. When I finished it was also good to hear that Morgan had won the U16 race.

Colin Lewis Grand Prix  – Morgan Gibson

The race was a mixture of u16’s and u14’s and some familiar riders to watch (Sam Medlyn) and some others. It was great to start next to MDCC riders Reuben Heal and MDCC newest racer Jacob Thomas. We started off together and it quickly got up to speed. It was quite an active race with lots of little attacks just tiring out the bunch.

Sam and I attacked twice within the first half of the race and on one of them taking along with us another u16 rider Ben Woodland. I was feeling strong and keen to be in a long break away others were not as keen and I was not prepared or able to solo it to victory. When caught I sat in the bunch and sat comfortably in there.

Many riders attacked but were all brought back by riders in the front of the group, I sat in and allowed others to bring back these attacks.

Towards the end of the race with the last 5 laps I moved up the bunch planning on an attack, not wanting to be in a bunch sprint. Toward the front Sam and I agreed we should go on the last hairpin, which is followed by a bend into the finishing straight. On the 3rd to last lap we went, MDCC riders Rueben Heal controlled the front of the bunch along side Jacob Thomas giving me, Sam and Ben a chance to get away. It worked well and we gained a large gap. On the last lap I was in second position behind Sam, he kicked round the bend into the finishing straight, giving me a form of lead out. I kicked out the saddle in the last 40 meters. Side by side I lunged for the line we won me the sprint be an inch.

It was great teamwork from MDCC youth riders and strong riding from Reuben and it was great to hear of Jacob’s win especially as it was his first race in MDCC colours. As well as an impressive win from Louie Priddle in the mens race and a MDCC win in the womens race.


Totnes Vire – Support Races

A great day of races supported the main Totnes 2 Day Promotion.  The club saw success with Jenny Corser 3rd in the Womens Race. Matthew Holmes winning the U8 Boys, Ellie Birchall 2nd in the U8 Girls, William Birchall 2nd in U10 Boys and Morgan Gibson Clay 3rd in the U16 Boys. We caught up with Morgan post race:

“To finish off a great day of racing the support races consisted a good number of A and B riders with riders such as Freddy Birchill and Sam Medlyn. It was also great to start next to fellow team mates Reuben Heal and Ewan Warren all representing MDCC.

The race started very quickly with attacks straight away which where all brought back. MDCC riders where positioned nicely near the front and on around the fourth lap in Freddy Birchill attacked which I followed along with Sam Medlyn. We realised we had gotten a considerable gap and kept the pace high at 25-26mph. Taking turns equally and working together we had gained a gap of over half a lap.

With two laps to go Freddy attacked into the last corner which left me trying to get back for the final lap. I got back onto the back of Sam and Freddy on the straight before the last bend only for Freddy to attack from the last corner once again which left me hanging off the back. Sam and Freddy sprinted for 1st place which Sam narrowly won with me rolling over the line about 20 metres behind.

It was a nice result helping out my SW series standing and a good race for all MDCC riders”


1 Alexandra Sheehan Bianchi Dama
2 Emma Cockcroft Bianchi Dama
3 Jenny Corser Mid Devon CC
4 Jess Norrish NDW
5 Naomi Waters
3/4 Race
1 Benjamin Mallett Cycle Sport Dynamo
2 Wayne Hitchcott Team Tor 2000 KALAS
3 Hamish Fletcher-Cooney All Terrain Cycles Ride In Peace
4 Michael Rogers Plymouth Corinthian CC
5 Ben Richards Tanks Direct Cycling
6 Les Thomas TRI UK
7 Thomas Bass Latchem Sunwise Race Team
8 Phil Walter Tanks Direct Cycling
9 Simon Szender Exeter Wheelers
10 Rowan Ellis 1st Chard Whls
U8 Boys
1 Matthew Holmes Mid Devon CC
2 Jamie Young Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
3 Alexander Pearcy Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
4 Tristan Lyness
U8 Girls
1 Lauren Fox Wheal Velocity
2 Ellie Birchall Mid Devon CC
3 Eloise Wilson Taw Velo
4 Madeline Woodger
U10 Girls
1 Eva Fox Wheal Velocity
2 Georgia Mahoney Taw Velo
3 Lara Dix Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
4 Orla White Tavistock Wheelers
5 Olivia Luckham Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
U10 Boys
1 Louis Wright Minehead Merlins
2 William Birchall Mid Devon CC
3 Rhys Cooke Taw Velo
4 Elliot Albert Wheal Velocity
5 Bayley Woodger Mid Devon CC
6 Jacob Start Mid Devon CC
7 Morgan Wilson Taw Velo
U12 Boys
1 Joseph Wright Minehead Merlins
2 Reuben Stacey NDW
4 Oscar Elliott One and All Cycling
5 Ewan Dix Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
6 Reuben Walter Minehead Merlins
7 Thomas Roodhouse Wheal Velocity
7 Noah Thomas Exeter Wheelers
8 Henry Birchall Mid Devon CC
9 Lucas Earthy BCDS
10 George Watch Minehead Merlins
U12 Girls
1 Hollis Morrish NDW
2 Alice Clark
3 Emma Luckham Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
U14 Girls
1 Eleanor Ley North Devon Wheelers
2 Olivia Earthy
3 Emma Spriggs Taw Velo
4 Abi Greaside
U14 Boys
1 George Eames North Devon Wheelers
2 Finlay Walter Minehead Merlins
3 Charlie Tompkins Taw Velo
4 Benjamin Bisson WORX Factory Racing
5 Reuben Heal Mid Devon CC
6 Fin Mead Taw Velo
7 Jacob Thomas Exeter Wheelers
8 Shaun Duffield North Devon Wheelers
9 Henry Howells Mid Devon CC
U16 Girls
1 Hannah Rainger North Devon Wheelers
2 Phoebe Clark Exeter Wheelers
U16 Boys
1 Samuel Medlyn Clive Mitchell Cycles
2 Freddy Birchill Southfork
3 Morgan Gibson Clay Mid Devon CC
4 Tyler Lindo Propello – Carb Cycles
5 Ben Woodland North Devon Wheelers
6 Oli Allen Pilgrim Flyers
7 Joe Howsley Wadebridge Coasters Cycling Club
8 Evan Warren Mid Devon CC
9 Jack Dallym Honiton Spinners

Race Report – Harrison reflects on the Totnes 2 Day

Stage 1 consisted of the Haytor hill climb. Something I was looking forward to having ridden it several times with Ian Cullen during training rides. On the Thursday before I headed out for a recce of it and did a pb on the hill and 16th overall. Only just behind the Tour of Britain times so I was looking forward to seeing how I’d go.

I completed my warm up and was ready to rock. I started off steady ish, but pushed on hard up the steeper section before cattle grid. I then did this similar technique the whole way up. Very hard on steep, back to around threshold on the flatter parts. This worked and I rolled in 4th with 13.31 which I was chuffed with. The support from club members on the hill was great and really helped me to push right to the very end!

Stage 2 was the Velopark crit. My aim was to hold my position right at the front and go with some moves. This worked and I remained in pretty much the top 5 or 10 the whole race till right toward the end when the sprinters began positioning themselves so I slipped back to avoid the carnage.

Stage 3 was the final stage. I was still 4th on GC. Not much happened early on in this stage other than St Piran controlled the race not allowing anything to go more than 20 metres up the road. Then will from St Piran attacked with a couple others. They then shut down the race and the yellow jersey was forced to chase. With under 1 lap to go on the long climb. Bialoblocki attacked. I went with him but he was just too strong and simply rode away from me. I looked behind and the bunch were chasing but not super hard. I knew he’d gone at this point. I then tried again with around 5kms to go with Alex from St Piran. We got a gap but because I was 4th on GC I was chased down hard by the bunch. In the end I rolled in 17th in the bunch which was very depleted with only around 45 finishing!

In the end I came 7th on GC and 1st junior. It was great to represent the club and show the colours of the club within this race at the front and up there on GC. Thanks to everyone from the club for the support and help running this event. It’s fantastic and the race wouldn’t happen without you! Next up I have E3 Harelbeke UCI 1.1 over in Belgium which is one of the biggest one day events over there so hopefully I’ll have some good legs from the Vire!

Thanks for reading.

Four Firs TT – James Tribble takes Third

After what can only be described as a very environmentally challenging start to the race season in most disciplines, time trialling has been very slow to start and I’m still not into it yet! I’m hoping May will bring better weather and less turbo sessions. While lots of you have been using zwift I have been in my happy place looking at the back of my garage door, focusing on pain and suffering.

The prep for the Four Firs couldn’t have been worse, I’d ridden the course twice that week trying to improve my descending, as I’ve got older my sense of mortality has taken priority. The day before I’d been hit with a migraine something I suffer from very rarely (thank god), I’d finally got out of bed at 7pm and built my bike ready for the mornings shenanigans. The bearings in my disc wheel had seized and I spent what can only be described as a lifetime when you can’t really focus to free them up and get some grease on them, still feeling rough and noisy but good enough to not be a DNS. I arrived at the hq and the weather was as expected, Wet! I’ve ridden it 3 of the last 4 years and it’s never not rained. I’d felt empty and lethargic, most probably due to the fact I’d not eat on Saturday and been in bed for almost 14 hours. But I followed the pacing strategy as planned, backing off on the descents and pushing hard on the climbs. On the final 4 miles down to the finish I saw 2 riders in front, I passed one very quickly and the other just stayed out approx 200 meters in front they were flying, I finally managed to pass them just before the junction and shouted a few words of encouragement to them. Who turned out to be fellow MDCC member Ruth Burrows.

I hadn’t expected a good result so was happy to have placed 3rd and joint team prize with Lee Sanderson and Ruth Burrows.

Totnes Vire 2 Day Stage Race – Provisional Results

GC Time Position First Name Surname Club
4:10:51 1 William Harper Saint Piran
4:11:16 2 Marcin Bialoblocki Steele Davis Via Roma RT
4:11:17 3 Paul Double Zappi Racing Team
4:11:24 4 Michael Ford Latchem Sunwise Race Team
4:11:37 5 George Kimber Team PB Performance
4:11:38 6 Tom Nancarrow University of Exeter Cycling Club
4:11:58 7 Harrison Wood Mid Devon CC
4:11:59 8 Anthony Moye Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
4:12:10 9 Oscar Hutchings VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
4:12:12 10 Lee Frost Tri UK
4:12:20 11 Neil Philips Kibosh
4:12:21 12 Ben Irvine TAAP Cervelo
4:12:22 13 Jacob Knight ZeroBC Development Team
4:12:27 14 Jake Hollins
4:12:34 15 Cameron Biddle Halesowen A & CC
4:12:37 16 Harrison Knight ZeroBC Development Team
4:12:37 16 Sean Frost Tri UK
4:12:37 18 Alex Fanshawe Saint Piran
4:12:39 19 Matt Langworthy Saint Piran
4:12:40 20 George Bazley Bristol RC
4:12:43 21 Ruari Grant Veloclub Edinburgh
4:12:43 21 Oliver Blagden BCR Racing
4:12:47 23 Kirk Vickers Rhino Velo Race Team
4:13:03 24 Sebastian Lewis VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
4:13:10 25 Damien Clayton Kibosh
4:13:10 25 Oliver Hayward Rhino Velo Race Team
4:13:23 27 Oliver Winwood Bratchell Velo Club Venta
4:13:25 28 Alex Platt BCR Racing
4:13:31 29 William Bjergfelt Neon-Velo Cycling Team
4:13:41 30 Ashley Towey Team Tor 2000 KALAS
4:13:45 31 Jacob Aries Primera-TeamJobs
4:13:46 32 Will Tidball PH-MAS
4:13:52 33 Adam Toole BPF Cycling
4:14:09 34 Joe Donahue VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
4:14:15 35 Ethan Lee VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
4:14:25 36 George Smith Tri UK
4:15:16 37 Joshua Croxton Team Tor 2000 KALAS
4:15:33 38 Harvey McNaughton TAAP Cervelo
4:17:23 39 Matt Clarke Halesowen A & CC
4:17:31 40 George Skinner Norwood Paragon CC
4:18:37 41 Max Moyles Primera-TeamJobs
4:19:02 42 Ben Lockett Tri UK
4:19:12 43 Tom Fitzpatrick
4:20:07 44 Sol Warwick Penzance Wheelers
4:21:37 45 Andrew Critchlow HJL

Junior Tour of The Mendips – Louie takes the Points Jersey

Junior Tour of The Mendips

This was my first time racing this  as I didn’t get a place last year. After being ill all week running up to the race and still feeling ill on the race day I was unsure  how I would go.

Stage 1 – 4km TT

I finished the TT with a time of 6min 16 sec which put me in 51st. This left me feeling hopeless and demoralised. But I had to put this behind me for the next stage in 2 hours time.

Stage 2 – 105km Road Race

The course was mostly rolling with no steep climbs other than at the very start for KOM points. I came 4th in the sprint to the top for the KOM points just behind the jersey winner for that day. I sat in the top ten of the bunch for 1 lap when I decided to make my move with Welsh rider Brecon Burnett. We soon had a large gap of about 1 minute when a few others bridged across to us. We all worked smoothly but the bunch picked up the pace. After 3 laps of being out solo we were caught. But I still had good legs! I kept trying and trying and whilst trying I was picking up all the Points for the Points jersey competition. I had won 2 sprints and got 2nd in one.

With 3 laps to go I started my sprint to grab some more points (which I did) and found myself off the front with the same guy I was in a break with at Cadence. He shouted to me “come on let’s keep this up” so we put the hammer down and pushed on. A few people bridged to us and we soon had a large gap of around 1 min 30 on the peloton. Coming into the last lap I knew that the break was going to work. You just get a feeling it will. There was 5 of us up the road and working in a Chaingang – the gap did start to come down but they were too late. We were on the final straight. Unfortunately I picked the wrong wheel to start my sprint and they came around me and I got 4th… AGAIN. But I was put into the Points jersey which I actually won because there wasn’t any points sprints on the next stage. I took the jersey by 3 points ahead of Matt Ellis who took the win. I also moved from 51st on GC to 14th! Overall my best stage.

Stage 3 –

This was the stage that should have suited me this most. Sadly I had left so much out on the road the previous day I had some very tired legs. On the 2nd climb of the day I was gapped from the peloton leaving me and about 20 others to chase hard to get back on. After about 30 min of solid chasing we made it to the peloton. I moved straight to the front to make sure I wouldn’t get gapped up any of the other climbs. We started to chase the break down but sadly didn’t have any luck, they were too far ahead. Coming into the final climb about 1km to go my legs have out, but this was to be expected after putting such a big shift in the day before and still having some underlying illness. I was left feeling knackered! I finished up 34th overall but the winner of the points jersey. I was a little disappointed about the last stage and to end up so far down on GC but I was over the moon to take the points jersey and 4th place on stage two.

Huge thank you to MDCC for the support as always and to my Dad for taking me to the race. None of this would happen without them. Now looking forward to Totnes Vire and seeing what I can do there.

Cadence Junior Road Race – National Series Round 1

The Mid Devon CC are proud to have a squad of 4 talented Junior riders for 2018. This weekend saw the first of the National Series in Wales with both 2nd Year Juniors Louie Priddle and Harrison Wood representing the club. To have two riders place in the Top 10 in an event such as this is a remarkable achievement. Louie came in 4 and Harrison just behind in 6th. Massive congratulations to them both.

Louie Priddle

This was a race I was unable to race last year but this year I was able to. I had heard and read a lot about this race from previous years. It seemed like it was a race to break away on – but not to early and not too late! On the Saturday Harrison W arrived at my house for us to drive up and stay at the same hotel in ‘Three Cocks’ right next to the sign on for the Sunday. I went out and did course recon just after we arrived at the hotel and I ended up doing 2 laps whilst Harrison went on for some extra. The course looked tough in places mainly the finish where it went up a 1km climb! There were also some very tight bends with some slippery surfaces due to gravel and mud.

On the Sunday I woke up had my breakfast and got in the van and travelled literally 1 min to the HQ! All signed on and kitted up I started a 15min warm up just focusing on getting my legs opened up because I knew it would be a quick start being the first national of the year. We began the sketchy neutral section where there were actually a few crashes towards the back because of people trying to move up. After the first lap we were stopped because of ‘white lining’ and also to let the load of people who crashed get back on. After a good telling off we were off again. People were chipping off the front but nothing was successful. I had to keep the early race excitement under control and focus on what I was want to achieve.

After 2 and a half laps had passed I knew I had to move now because there were two riders up the road gaining time and if I’d go now I thought hopefully others would follow and form a nice group! And that we did. I attacked with Joe West who had been out for two laps prior to that so he was a bit tired. But I knew there was a group of 3 coming up behind so I pushed on even harder to make the gap bigger. The group of 3 made it to me and we worked very well to chase the two out front down. After two laps of chaingang and chasing them down we caught the two up front. We now had a break of 5 and still gaining time on the peloton. I believe I time gap went up to 2mins 40 at its peak.

On the 2nd to last lap one of the Spokes riders From Scotland chipped of the front. From then on our group started looking at each other and not wanting to work. We worked but it wasn’t smooth at all with riders skipping turns and just sitting on (very frustrating after working so well for 65km!) we hit the final climb and the rung the bell to signal the final lap! This was it – we had to push on hard or else we’d start to get caught quickly by the chasing group! Which had Harrison W and a few other strong riders in.

We hit the final climb and I glanced behind to see the chasing group behind about 10s back. I really had to dig deep if I wanted a top 3 now. I attacked half way up the climb and came past the group when cramp hit both my legs, legs on fire I was about 30 meters from the line and I could here heavy breathing and panting just behind me. I sprinted to the line and just missed out on third place by half a wheel length. And ended up getting 4th.

For the first national of the year I was pleased with how the legs were and am excited to be doing the MDCC Hilly TT on good Friday Luxembourg and then Travelling to Luxembourg on the Saturday to race in the Bob Jungels UCI race on the Sunday. Massive thank you to My Dad for driving us around and also MDCC for all of the support given to us.

Harrison Wood

Last year was an eventful first national awakening for me. Being taken out by a motorbike wasn’t exactly how I planned on ending the 2017 race. I was therefore excited and of course a bit nervous for the 2018 edition of the race. I travelled up the day before with Louies dad and I rode 4 laps of the course the day before so I knew exactly what was to come!

Now onto race day. The race started in typical UK fashion. Riders crossing the white lines with a few crashes chucked in the mix as well for good measure. The race was then stopped as I predicted after the 1st lap. They told us off. I got to the front and rolled off the front. Kind of by accident really but still a group of 5 of us rode through and off. I didn’t commit really and after half a lap we were pulled back.

I held my position towards the front until around 60 kms to go from the end when I got caught behind a rather big crash. Luckily I only ended up in a thorn bush which was good ish! However I then had to chase back on for a bit as the pace was pretty high as Louie and a few others had attacked just before. I got back on and it eased. I used this opportunity to move towards the front. Then I noticed a few rides were drifting off so I decided to jump across with just under 3 laps to go. We went hard and eventually the elastic snapped to the peloton and we were away. A group of 5 of us working well together chasing a group of 6 who with around 40 kms to go still had 2.5 minutes on us. With 1.5 laps to go we had caught a few from the break but we’re still 1.5 minutes behind the break. We went even harder and eventually just as we hit the bottom of the final 2 minute climb we caught them. I was done in by this point after a very hard few laps. I rolled over the line to take 6th which I was happy with after having a fairly eventful race.

Next time I hope to avoid crashing and I’m sure the top result will follow! Thanks to MDCC for the support, well done to Louie for 4th and his Dad for taking us!

Race Report – Tris Davies 3rd at the Velopark

The start of the race was fairly casual with no-one really attacking. Because I didn’t know what the pace would be like, I sat in for a few laps. On lap 3, I sprinted from the back of the bunch and attacked down the right hand side of the road. This was effective and I got a good gap almost immediately. I was alone however and hopes of staying away were quickly brought back as I was caught after nearly 3 laps away. I decided that the best thing to do was to sit in the bunch and follow the wheel of Tom Nankarrow, as I felt he was the strongest.

With roughly 8 laps to go. Three of us attacked, including Tom. We had a decent gap and rode hard to snap the elastic between us and the bunch. A national mountain biker called Fletcher bridged the gap, making there 4 of us. We extended our gap each lap and to be honest my legs were starting to feel it from my win the previous day. With 1.5 laps left, Tom from Exeter university attacked from behind us and no body could respond. I was certain we were going to have to sprint for third and wanted to be behind the other two riders for the finish. This was not possible however as the others were keen to keep me on the front, no matter how much I slowed down. I could have done with rear mirrors at this point as I was waiting for someone to launch their sprint. Fletcher launched his sprint, so as did I. I managed to hold off 4th but I couldn’t quite get my front wheel ahead for second. I was pleased however as it was a close finish and I was easily the youngest and smallest racing. For sure I was pleased with third and picked up a nice amount of points.

Morgan Gibson Race Report – Maiden victory in first race as Youth A

10th March 2018

Wheal Jane : SW series race 1

As expected the wind was strong up at the circuit in Cornwall making warming up on the rollers quite a challenge. The closed circuit consisted of a short but steep climb, followed by a rolling flat section and a gradual uphill stretch towards the finish. After the line a slow hairpin corner into a fast downhill – flat section with fast corners back to the hill.

I didn’t know what to expect being my first race of the season as a first year cat A. The field consisted of a few strong riders, Sam Medlyn being the rider to watch. As soon as the race started I felt a huge difference from last year in terms of my performance, the race starting quickly splitting the group up to five riders, including me, up at the front. The race consisted of a lot of quick attacks up the climb and at the downhill. From the start I was feeling comfortable with the pace and was doing my part on the front, as well as sticking close to the wheels of the riders to watch. Halfway through the race an attack went on the hill, everyone instantly set out to catch the attacker as I sat in with a group of three, bringing back the solo attacker within three laps or so. With two laps to go the group of four sped up. On the last lap I sat on the back of the group ready for a sprint, with two hundred or so meters left Sam Medlyn made a seated attack as I stuck closely behind. On the last thirty meters I snuck in on his inside out the wind and sprinted for the line stealing 1st place.

Overall it was a great race, the speed and effort levels constantly in short intervals making it quite a demanding race. A great way to start my season and the SW series and get some points and experience. Thanks to Mark Dolan and Andy Parker for helping out with my coaching.

Primavera Road Race Results

A bitterly cold morning in Hatherleigh saw the races delayed for 90 mins whilst the officials assessed the course and removed some icy patches. A tractor then decided to start hedge cutting adding to the excitement but we eventually got underway shortly before Midday.

The support race saw Mid Devon CC Junior Harry Birchill break clear of the bunch after half the race building up to a minute lead. He was then joined on lap 3 by 7 others who combined well to keep the bunch at bay. Harry easily won the sprint and demonstrated that he will be one to watch on the road after years of top level Mountain Bike racing. Tom Nancarrow and Oliver Yates came 2nd and 3rd respectively whilst Joseph Patrick won the bunch kick for 9th.

1. Harry Birchill, Mid Devon Junior
2. Tom Nancarrow
3. Oliver Yates
4. Andrew Kirby
5. Oliver Winwood
6. Andrew White
7. Timothy Flynn
8. Oliver Berisford
9. Joseph Patrick
10. Philip Cole

The Elite race saw one of the best fields that we have had for many years. Hot favourite was Somersets Marcin Bialoblocki now riding for Steele Davis Via Roma RT. Marcin bridged over to the original break including Southern Champion Matt Downie, Mikey Mottram from Morvelo and Lee Frost. This group stayed together until the run in to Hatherleigh when they broke up and Marcin came in victorious with Downie 2nd and Rupert Graham from Spirit Tifosi in third. Mid Devon’s 2nd year  Junior Louie Priddle came in 17th and 1st Junior with team mate Harrison Wood just behind in 20th.

1. Marcin Bialoblocki
2. Matthew Downie @ 13
3. Rupert Graham st
4. Lee Frost @30
5. Mikey Mottram 1.28
6. Fred Scheske @1.35
7. Ed Laverack 1.40
8. Andrew Turner st
9. Max Stedman 1.45
10. Luke Nolan 1.50
11. Joe Harris st
12. Andrew Lawson
13. Neil Philips
14. Alex Fanshawe
15. Adrian Toole
16. Mark Perry
17. Louis Priddle – Mid Devon Junior
18. Tom Temple
19. Ross Holland
20. Harrison Wood  Mid Devon Junior

Thanks as always to Ken and the army of volunteers from inside and outside the club who make all of this possible.